Resources from the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue in Canada

Chapter II — A continual prayer: interchurch families

Kevin and Catherinanne George / Used with permission

Kevin and Catherinanne met in the early 1990s at a talk about interchurch marriage held at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Seminary in London, Ontario. Kevin is an Anglican parish priest serving a busy, vibrant congregation. Catherinanne is the Director of Campus Ministry at a Roman Catholic College, and a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Navy Reserve. Their courtship and eventual marriage raised concern and opposition from church leaders at the time, including the fear that Kevin would ‘ruin his career’ by marrying Catherinanne, and that she would need to be careful not to ‘lose her faith.’ Now married for over twenty years, Kevin and Catherinanne share their experience of the unique ecumenical vocation that is interchurch marriage.

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